Bill of Rights

At Zebu Construction, we work in partnership with our customers. We consider the following to be the rights of a paying customer.

You are entitled…

  1. To be treated fairly.
  2. To receive prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable answers to your questions so that you have all the support you need as we design and build your new home in partnership with you.
  3. To deal directly with the contractor and designer. When you have questions, you are entitled to speak with the appropriate individual who can answer your questions. We will be accessible to you to resolve all issues in an expedient and mutually beneficial manner.
  4. To know that your satisfaction is our main concern.
  5. To receive full value for your money. We want you to feel assured your new home is an excellent value at a fair price.
  6. To be treated exactly as we would want to be treated when we are the customer.
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